Scumbag Companies

A list of companies and that sponsor Michael Vick

The National Football League– It would have been easy for the NFL to say, “We’re sorry Michael Vick, but you’ve embarrassed us enough. We’re not going to let you back into the league.” Instead the NFL not only decided to allow Vick to return to the league, but they let him join a team and play in the regular season less than 2 months after being released from prison. Apparently the NFL doesn’t even need 60 days to consider a convicted felon reformed.

The Philadelphia Eagles – This was probably one of the few teams with a loyal enough fan base to withstand the backlash that came with hiring Michael Vick. Since the NFL allowed Vick to return to the league, someone was going to hire him. You can fault the Eagles here, but the NFL is really the one to blame for allowing him play at all.

Woodbury Nissan, in Woodbery, NJ – In December 2010 Woodbury Nissan became the first company to endores Michael Vick since his arrest for dog fighting. Since most people already think of car dealers as scumbags, I guess they thought this was a good fit. The dealership’s manager Thomas McMenamin said that they saw a “mixed response” from endorsing Vick. They also didn’t pay him.

Unequal Technologies – This is the first company to offer Vick a paid endorsement deal since he admitted to drowning and electrocuting dogs in 2007. Reportedly they signed a two year contract for an undisclosed amount in January 2011. We recommend not purchasing anything from this sporting goods company.

Lutte Licensing Group – The second no-name company that agreed an endoresement deal with Vick in early 2011. This company makes Core Synergy’s silicone wristbands (which no one has ever heard of). We recommend not purchasing anything with the Core Synergy brand.