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Former Vick dog visits abuse survivors, Vick misses more appearances

A former Vick dog named Hector made an appearance at the Kids in Transition residential facility in New Jersey last week to meet with other abuse survivors. Hector was one of Michael Vick’s former dogs who suffered abuse from Vick … Continue reading

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Vick Dogs – Jonny and Audie playing on the bed

Check out this video of two of Vick’s former dogs jumping around and playing on the bed. As you can see these dogs aren’t violent. It’s only when people force these dogs to fight that these dogs can become dangerous. … Continue reading

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Vick refuses to see one of his dogs

After Vick is given “the key to the City of Dallas” by a massive douchebag, he was approached by Richard Hunter, who adopted one of the dogs that was rescued from Vick’s dog fighting ring. Hunter recorded it on video. … Continue reading

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