Career Highlights

April 2001 – Michael Vick was drafted into the NFL. He immediately used money from his new contract to create a dog fighting operation, buying property, supplies and dogs.

January 2002 – Michael Vick failed twice to appear in court for a parking citation. He was threaten with jail time if he didn’t show up a third time.

February 2004 – Police charged two of Michael Vick’s friends with drug trafficking after finding them with marijuana in a truck owned by Vick.

October 2004 – Two men traveling with Vick were caught on a security camera stealing a watch at the Atlanta Airport.

March 2005 – Sonya Elliott filed a lawsuit against Vick stating that he had unprotected sex with her without informing her that he had genital herpes. The legend of Ron Mexico is born.

November 2006 – After a Falcons loss at home Vick gave the middle finger to the hometown fans. (Read more)

January 2007 -Vick surrendered a water bottle to security at the Miami Airport that smelled like marijuana and contained a substance in a hidden compartment. He was never charged with a crime. (Read more)

February 2007 – Vick was charged with trespassing after fishing in a private lake.

July 2007 – Six years after creating the “Bad Newz Kennels”, Vick was charged with operating a dog fighting operation. He denied all charges.

August 2007 – After three associates agree to testify against Michael Vick, he plead guilty to actively participating in the dog fighting operation.

September 2007 – While on bail Vick tested positive for marijuana.

December 2007 – Citing his failure to cooperate with federal officials, along with a failed drug test and a failed polygraph, the U.S. District Court in Richmond sentenced Vick to serve 23 months in federal prison for being a full partner in a dog fighting ring.

January 2010 – Two separate sources link Michael Vick to steroids. (Read more)

June 2010 – Vick got into an argument with a man at Vick’s birthday party. Soon afterwards the man was shot. No charges were filed because the victim and witnesses would not cooperate with police.