Michael Vick had a bad year, let’s hope 2012 is even worse

Before the 2011 season started the Philadelphia Eagles were favored to win the division. Not only did this self proclaimed “Dream Team” not accomplish this; they didn’t even make the playoffs. To make things worse for Vick and company, their division rival the New York Giants went on to win the Super Bowl! It was a great year to root against the Eagles.

Let’s recap the 2011 season.

In the second game of the season against his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, Vick was knocked out the game with a concussion! I’m not sure how many concussions he’s had in his life, but hopefully this one did some damage. Unfortunately it wasn’t bad enough to keep him out of the next game against the New York Giants.

In the week 3 game against New York, Vick got drilled by Giants lineman Chris Canty and bruised his hand. This scumbag then complained about the refs after the game. He said they weren’t giving him “15-yard flags like everybody else”. This was discussed in volume the next week by NFL analysts and sports fans alike, and the consensus was that Michael Vick was a big whiner. Vick later apologized to the refs and said that he wouldn’t complain anymore.

In week 5 Vick lead the Eagles to another loss by throwing 4 interceptions against the Buffalo Bills. He followed that with a win over the Redskins, but during that game he kicked a ball for no reason that nearly hit a Redskins cheerleader. Some good news came in week 10 when the Arizona Cardinals broke two of Vick’s ribs, and he missed the next three games.

The rest of the season was rather uneventful . Football was played, and the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs. Vick ended the season throwing 14 interceptions and only 18 touchdowns in 13 games.

Hopefully the 2012 season will be even worse for Vick. He’s a dog killing asshole who never should have been allowed back in the NFL. The worse he plays, he faster this douche bag is out of the spotlight and off of people’s TVs. Let’s hope for a career ending injury this coming season, so we’ll never have to hear about this scumbag again.

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