Michael Vick Scumbag website update

So this site got a little derailed. I was going to continue to update this site daily, and really work at promoting it in order to have it rank on the first page of Bing and Google for the search term “Michael Vick” once the NFL football season started. That’s clearly not going to happen now…

Now I’ll just continue to update the site as I have time and as I see fit. After all Vick isn’t going to all of a sudden not be a scumbag anymore. No matter how many touchdowns he throws, his fantasy football stats will not be able to erase the fact that he killed and tortured innocent animals for fun.

Like the rest of the animal lovers out there, we will continue to root against Vick in every capacity. With any lucky he will suffer a career ending injury this preseason, and we’ve never hear from him again. But until that happens, we’ll try to update this site as often as possible.

Thank you for continuing to link to us and visit our site. We are happy to remind people that Michael Vick is still a scumbag!

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6 Responses to Michael Vick Scumbag website update

  1. MV7 says:

    How does it feel to know that you’re not doing jack shit?

  2. Michael Knight says:

    I would be very careful in wishing harm on other “humans”! Those things have a way of coming back around to you. There have been a lot of positive things happen to Vick since your last update, things that you should write about.

    He will be paid almost 20 Million this year with the eagles…Oh, and he also got picked back up by Nike along with signing three other multi million dollar endorsements! If I was Mike, I would welcome the self righteous, seems like the more hate he gets, (from a few close minded individuals that is) the more blessing come his way!

    So don’t hold your breath this season in hopes that he will get hurt, I think greater things are heading his way, like every top player in the league wanting to take less money just to be in his company and a teammate, there even calling the Eagles the Dream Team!

    Just last month Michael went before congress, to back stronger dog fighting bills on the verge of being passed! Ask yourself…what I have done lately to combat this sport you hate so much, surly writing a hateful blog isn’t enough so get off your butts and do something!

    I’m sorry there hasn’t been any negative stories about Vick to bring attention to your site, nothing but positive press has made writing slow for you guys.

    Now take care and remember….Only God can judge us when we die!

  3. William says:

    Attention all humane minded Americans: Please be aware that Michael Vick’s corporate associates NIKE, SUBWAY SANDWICHES AND UNEQUALED TECHNOLOGIES are UNDESERVING OF PATRONAGE. Please think long and hard before purchasing from these dubious enterprises. Unfortunately, The NFL and the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES are another story. Very Obviously, proficiency in sports TRUMPS ALL ATROCITIES INFLICTED ON INNOCENT ANIMALS. Why, even President Obama has forgiven Mr. Vick and has thanked the Philadelphia Eagles profusely for their “giving a convict out on parole a second chance”. I wonder how many other calls President Obama has made on behalf of struggling repentant parolees?

  4. John Siebenaler says:

    thankyou from an animal lover

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