Former Vick dog visits abuse survivors, Vick misses more appearances

A former Vick dog named Hector made an appearance at the Kids in Transition residential facility in New Jersey last week to meet with other abuse survivors. Hector was one of Michael Vick’s former dogs who suffered abuse from Vick and his friends for years. Once rescued Hector was placed in a loving home where he was able to recover and eventually become a certified therapy dog. Hector’s story really emulates how great pit bulls are. He still carries scars on his chest from his days with Vick, but that doesn’t stop him from snuggling up to people in need.

Last week, Hector was the role model to a group of young men trying to overcome their past as victims of abuse. As a part of their curriculum, the teens read The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant which tells about abuse and mistreatment that Hector and other dogs underwent at Michael Vick’s dog kennel. Hector’s visit gave the group the “opportunity to talk about the scars of cruelty and the challenges of rehabilitation and recovery”. This visit also gave them the chance to meet a real life success story, one whose story they all knew. As one 14 year-old said after the visit. “It made me hopeful.”

Meanwhile, Vick missed his third “scheduled” event in a month when he failed to appear of ESPN 2’s First Take. For the entire show, hosts Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson keep talking about the upcoming interview with Michael Vick only to say at the end of the show that the Philadelphia Eagles pulled Vick at the last minute.

Spokesman for the Eagles and Vick immediately issued statements that Vick never agreed to be on the show. Later a representative for the Maxwell Football Club (an organization that just named Vick the NFL Player of the Year) said that there was a “communication problem”, and that his organization had agreed to the interview with ESPN.

An ESPN spokesman confirmed this saying, “”The interview was arranged by a representative of the Maxwell Club who told us it was all set. Shortly before the interview was to take place, a Maxwell Club rep informed us that the interview needed to be canceled because they had been told by the Eagles that it couldn’t happen.”

As Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports puts it, “In retrospect, you probably shouldn’t expect too much from a club that willingly chose to give its NFL Player of the Year Award to Michael Vick.” He also makes another good point in that the Eagles (you obviously don’t want Vick doing any interviews) should just tell everyone that Vick will not be doing interviews. It’s understandable the Eagles, who just offered this scumbag $16 million dollars to be their starting quarterback next year, want Vick to keep a low profile and not remind people of his past.

Vick also canceled an appearance on Oprah a few weeks ago, and he missed a charity event for the “What It Takes,” organization last week. Both events were canceled at the time for “personal reasons”. However, just a few days ago, Vick said that his interview with Oprah was canceled because of “certain things that I didn’t want to touch on at the time.” This is no surprise since it was rumored that Oprah was going to ask him some hard questions about his six years of dog fighting and possibly bring on some of the dogs that Vick used to fight. This also shows that when Vick cancels and/or misses appearances for “person reasons” that can really mean anything (like him just deciding not to show up).

A few pictures of Hector below –

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