Dwaine Caraway, still a douchebag

Remember the Dallas Interim Mayor Dwaine Caraway? He was the douchebag who gave a fake key to the City of Dallas to Michael Vick. Well today Caraway held his first regular Dallas City Council since the real mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, resigned last week to run for the US Senate, and of course Vick came up.

Not only did Caraway anger the nation when he decided to honor the felon, dog murderer Vick, but he also anger the people of Dallas a few weeks earlier when police were called to his house because of a domestic dispute between him and his wife. When first asked about the incident Caraway explained that police went to his home to intervene in a fight between two men named “Arthur and Archie”. It turns out that’s not what happened, and a few days later he admitted that he was fighting with his wife. Of course he didn’t apologize for lying in the first place and never offered an explanation as to what the fight was about or why the police were called. Is it any wonder why he isn’t running for the Mayor of Dallas at the next election?

There were also obvious negative reactions to Caraway giving Michael Vick a key to the city. Jonnie England, spokeswoman for the Metroplex Animal Coalition, said “It’s shameful. I’m embarrassed that my city has given a key to a convicted felon accused of a violent, horrendous crime.” Even a couple Dallas City Council members (who usually shy away from commenting on the actions of a fellow member) called Caraway’s gesture inappropriate. One of the biggest opponents of Caraway’s actions was local radio host Richard Hunter who was on hand to see Vick receiving the key.

Today Hunter addressed the city council and asked that they follow through on a promise that Mayor Leppert made to tighten the regulations around giving out keys to the city (whether they are official keys or not).

Watch the video here:

The transcript of Hunter’s remarks start now –

I come before the council today to plead with you to please make good on the suggestion by former mayor Tom Leppert of writing stricter guidelines for awarding keys to the city. It has now been almost a month since I watched a convicted felon who has not even fulfilled the terms of his probation, accept what was represented as the city’s highest honor from Dwaine Caraway.

Mr. Caraway, on February 5th, before my very eyes, you publicly proclaimed that a power had been bestowed on you to give Michael Vick what you gleefully identified as the key to the city of Dallas. You more than anyone else in this room should now see the need for more clearly defined guidelines where an official city honor is concerned. Mayor Tom Leppert reacted to this travesty by not only disavowing your actions, but by also calling for stricter guidelines to be written where the keys to the city are concerned. Unfortunately, he then promptly quit, leaving his own suggestion as the unfinished business of his administration.

I have been advised by the city attorney’s office that the support of any five council members can insure that an item is placed on the agenda. Surely there are five of you who are willing to take the position that no convicted felon should be awarded a key to the city of Dallas. To put this grey area in perspective, as it stands now, without that stipulation, Michael Vick, or the next criminal who dazzles a council member with his celebrity, could meet a standard for accepting a key to the city of Dallas, yet be rejected for a license to be employed as legal prostitute by the state of Nevada. I ask today that we at least elevate our standard for a key to the city to that of a license to be employed as a sex worker.

As those of you who chose to attend the morning session of February 9th and stayed seated for my remarks that day already know, I am the proud loving care giver of one of Michael Vick’s surviving victims. Mr. Caraway, on February 5th I witnessed you delivering a slap in the face to my family, a household of your constituents. The rest of the country laughed at our city, but in my house there were only tears. Now a month removed, I have not heard so much as an apology from you. I’m not talking about the “I’m sorry if you don’t think the way that I do” non apology. It’s the “I’m sorry I bestowed a city honor on the man who tortured and tried to kill your dog” apology that I am expecting, and I will be happy to hear that today if you are so willing.

The rest of you didn’t create this mess, but you can sure help Mr. Caraway clean it up by writing stricter guidelines that will prevent something like this from ever happening again. I’m really begging each of you, I don’t want another Dallas citizen to ever be ashamed and humiliated by their own city officials the way I was that day. It is a feeling of shock and pain that no proud Dallas citizen should ever endure. Can I have your pledge today that you will protect the future of Dallas pride? I will be here available at the conclusion of the meeting to speak with any of you who might have a moment of your time to offer, and it would greatly appreciated.

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  1. willow says:

    You are doing an excellent public service with this website.

    Caraway is a pathetic piece of human trash. I feel sorry for Dallas – how embarrassing.

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