Another scumbag company signs Vick, Vick goes against the players union

Michael Vick just signed an endorsement deal with Lutte Licensing Group, which makes Core Synergy’s silicone wristbands. This is Vick’s second endorsement deal since the 2010 NFL season ended. We’re adding the Lutte Licensing Group to our list of scumbag companies and urging people not to buy their products.

Meanwhile, Vick said that he would go against the efforts of the players union and organize workouts during the lockout. As NBC Sports puts it, “Organizing workouts and practices at a time when the teams won’t let players work out and practice hurts the union’s interests.”

Looks like it’s business as usual for Vick. He’s back to just caring about himself, not his teammates or the other players in the NFL.

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6 Responses to Another scumbag company signs Vick, Vick goes against the players union

  1. Black Cat says:

    Still crying a river….Let me guess, you guy’s are mad that Vick seems to get new money every week despite your twisted efforts to stop him. While you guys are stalking his every move, Vick is laughing all the way to the bank!

    Great way to make a non story into something to vilify Vick. Michael was quoted as saying this two weeks before the lockout! Not a peep out of him since then.

    Do me a favor and go kiss you dog in the mouth for me, that’s after he licks his A@# and Nuts of course! Beat it…..

    • Scumbag Vick says:

      Thanks for your comment Black Cat. In our opinion Michael Vick doesn’t deserve to have any sponsors, even the extremely low profile ones he has now.

      If you think Vick didn’t know he was stabbing his fellow players in the back, you are very naive. The fact that he said it two weeks before the lockout means nothing. He was basically telling the world that it was still business as usually for him with or without a lockout. The fact that the union went on strike means nothing to him. He’s still a scumbag.

      You would love for us to “beat it”, but this site will never go away. Vick is a horrible human being and as long as he’s in the press, we’ll keep updating this site to remind the world that he is a giant asshole and doesn’t deserve our respect or admiration.

  2. Black Cat says:

    You are really grasping here! The players union is encouraging it’s members to stay in shape and workout together! This is what Vick has said all along, there even paying for gyms across the county to stress the importance of staying in shape during this lockout. It’s obvious you know nothing about the NFL, and failed at this attempt to once again slander his name. And don’t forget to write about the positive press, like that upwards of 20 million coming next year or about the prison uministries! Oh….that’s right, your only in the buisness of manufacturing false facts in the hopes of creating buzz for this horrible site! Jealousy is not good for the spirit! Only God can judge us when we die! Now run along and kiss that dog!

    • Scumbag Vick says:

      A season ending injury to that Scumbag would be some real positive press! Trust me I’ll write about that all day long!

  3. Black Cat says:

    How did I know you wouldn’t post my last comment! I’m sure you didn’t want to seem stupid for writing this ridiculous blog. Next time have the courage to stand by your writing, even if you rushed to judgment on a subject you are quite ignorant of.

    The sad thing is, you screen the comments that expose the truth like I just did, and welcome the comments of hate! This site is just pitiful!

    • Scumbag Vick says:

      I was away from the site and didn’t see your comment until now. It’s posted. You say “only God can judge”. If you believe that, then you shouldn’t be judging me or this site. Good day :)

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