The Plan – Our Mission

We started this site in order to remind people of what a scumbag Michael Vick is. Of course this site could never do that unless people see it. That’s why our mission is to get this site to be the first hit in Google, Bing and other search engines when people search for “Michael Vick”. This will not be an easy task.

Right now searches for Michael Vick bring up his Wikipedia page as the first hit. As far as Wikipedia pages go, Vick’s is huge. He is a scumbag who’s had multiple problems with the law, and he’s still a starting quarterback in the NFL. He is one of the most controversial people in sports, so there’s a lot of activity on his Wiki page. Unseating this page as the first search engine hit for Michael Vick will not be easy.

Other websites on both Google’s and Bing’s first page for Vick’s name are his profile pages for the NFL, ESPN and Yahoo Sports. These pages rank well because they exist on huge sites that point a lot of links toward their Vick profile page. Vick’s Yahoo profile page is linked to by every Yahoo Sports article that mentions Vick, and they have literally thousands of articles. The same is true for the NFL and ESPN sites, except they also have for a few random sites linking to them too.

The Official Website of Michael Vick is also in both search engines’ top ten. Fortunately for our purposes, this site doesn’t have much content or backlinks.

These are the only sites listed on both first pages as of today. While we need to be aware of the other sites in the top ten on one, but not the other, we won’t focus any attention on them. As long as we can beat the sites I mentioned before, we’ll beat these other sites too.

This is our analysis of our main competition. We know what we are up against, and we’re fairly confident that we can take the #1 spot for Michael Vick within a year for Google. It will take time, but we have time and a pretty good plan to take the top spot. Wish us luck.

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  1. tony walker says:

    Get a life Dooooosh-bag!!! Leave Vick alone.

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