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An animal sanctuary hopes to buy Michael Vick’s house

A nonprofit organization Dogs Deserve Better wants to purchase Vick’s former house and site of a dog fighting organization to use as an animal rehab center. They are currently in contract and have to raise $595,000 to complete the purchase. … Continue reading

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Vick refuses to see one of his dogs

After Vick is given “the key to the City of Dallas” by a massive douchebag, he was approached by Richard Hunter, who adopted one of the dogs that was rescued from Vick’s dog fighting ring. Hunter recorded it on video. … Continue reading

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Mayor Por Tem of Dallas Dwaine Caraway is a massive douchebag

Dwaine Caraway is the pro tem mayor of the City of Dallas that gave Michael Vick a key to the city. Let’s list the reasons why Caraway is a douchebag. #1. He gave the “key to the city” to a … Continue reading

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Michael Vick Highlights – Vick Linked to Steroid Use

In January of 2010, The Dallas Morning News reported that a steroid trafficker named David Jacobs told the newspaper he supplied Michael Vick with performance-enhancing drugs when Vick was the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. The DEA said Jacobs used … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick ‘Should Have Been Executed’

A few weeks ago FOX News correspondent Tucker Carlson had some harsh words related to Michael Vick’s recent “redemption story” in the media…and we love it! Carlson said, “I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second … Continue reading

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Michael Vick Highlights – Vick Gives the Finger to Hometown Fans

On November 26, 2006 Michael Vick was the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Just a few days after NFL analysis and father of the Atlanta Falcons coach, Jim Mora Sr., called Michael Vick a “coach killer”, Vick leads the … Continue reading

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Michael Vick is still a scumbag

Thank you Mark Buehrle. You don’t know it, but you are the inspiration behind this site. In February of 2011, after Michael Vick was reinstated into the NFL, had a terrific season and was named the NFL comeback player of … Continue reading

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