Michael Vick Highlights – Vick Linked to Steroid Use

In January of 2010, The Dallas Morning News reported that a steroid trafficker named David Jacobs told the newspaper he supplied Michael Vick with performance-enhancing drugs when Vick was the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

The DEA said Jacobs used to run one of the largest steroid networks in the country before he was arrested in May 2007. Jacobs was also sharing information with the NFL regarding steroid users in the league until he committed suicide in 2008.

Earlier the same month The Smoking Gun reported that a DEA informant had told agents that Michael Vick once spoke about steroids with a dealer, telling the man that he “liked his product.”

Of course, Michael Vick (like some many other pro-athletes accused of take steroids) denied these allegations.

Vick did tested positive for marijuana in 2007 when he was first indited for dog fighting, so he isn’t the type of guy who wouldn’t use an illegal drug just because it was illegal. A confidential witness who helped agents build a case against Vick also recalled selling Vick three pit bulls and “1/2 ounce of marijuana (weed).”

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