Michael Vick Highlights – Vick and his Water Bottle

In January of 2007, Michael Vick tried to go through security at the Miami International Airport with a water bottle that had a hidden compartment and contained “a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana,” according to the Miami police report. So Vick was trying to smuggle marijuana through security in a water bottle. After all if it smells like weed and looks like weed, it’s probably weed.

Reportedly the bottle had a compartment that was hidden by the label so the bottle looked like it was full of water when held upright. This makes us think that Vick purposely bought this bottle to try to smuggle weed. He did test positive for marijuana less than a year later when he was on bail for dog fighting.

Of course the genius tried to smuggle weed through the Miami Airport. We’ve never seen as many drug dogs in any other airport as we have seen in the Miami Airport.

Vick also hid his weed in a water bottle leading Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to say, “So you hid your weed, which is not allowed on a plane, in another thing that is not allowed on a plane. That’s like hiding your weed in a barrel of a gun or in the mouth of an endangered species.”

Vick was not arrest and never charged with a crime (probably because he was an NFL quarterback). The Falcons general manager Rick McKay said at the time, “We are an organization that prides itself on not having off-the-field issues… We don’t like it. We don’t accept it. It is not what we want.” They must have hated dealing with all of Vick’s problems.

See below for the full clip titled Weekend Update: Michael Vick, Really!?!

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