Douchebags to honor dog killer Michael Vick

Michael Vick will be one of the first people honored during the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association’s first Black-Tie Honors Gala next month…

The association says it’s planning to honor Vick because he has “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced in his career, defying the odds and naysayers, and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.” What the hell is wrong with this group?

I guess their idea of a hero is a convicted felon who took part in the execution of dogs. One such dog was forced to fight close to death. After she lost the brutal match Vick and a friend decided to kill her by “wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting her.” This is your hero Southeastern Virginia Arts Association.

Your hero is someone who fought and killed innocent animals. Your hero is someone who knowingly spread genital herpes to his sexual partners. Your hero is someone who has been linked to steroid use and has failed drug tests. Your hero is someone who tries to lie his way out of everything and has even failed a polygraph test.

I’m sorry Southeastern Virginia Arts Association, but you are not doing the right thing by honoring this man. Instead you are putting a parolee on a pedestal for your entire organization to idealize. I truly feel bad for your members.

If anyone is interesting in contacting this group, you can do so at or They can also be reached by phone at (757) 216-7518 or regular mail here:

Southeastern Virginia Arts Association
P.O. Box 1673
Norfolk, Virginia 23501

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5 Responses to Douchebags to honor dog killer Michael Vick

  1. Trip Breaker says:

    Interesting site and I’m completely on your side. Something to consider: Twitter is a free format and something ‘ol Killer vick is having a lot of fun with, why hasn’t he issued one anti-dogfighting sentiment if he’s so remorseful? He does like to promote his site where you can spend $$$ but nothing anti-dogfighting. The same with YouTube. The “thing” admits to having an iPhone 4 and knowing how to use it, why hasn’t he posted a video “apologizing”?
    About the HSUS & Wayne. He stated that psycho-boy has given 19 anti-dogfighting in 2 years. Sounds kind of low to me. Also nothing on the west coast. Really? Oakland, Compton, Watts, Portland are completely left out? He must be too busy with football, TV and getting all these humanitarian awards.
    The whole situation makes me sick.

    • Scumbag Vick says:

      I completely agree with you. I doubt he’s really remorseful, and it’s way too early to say he truly is.

  2. Jeanenne Borden says:

    I first heard of this ridiculous award Monday on Mike Huckabee. He said Vick can be called a lot of things but a hero, uh no. I am appalled. My husband and I own 3 pitbulls and they are our children and I would probably severely harm ANYONE who mistreated them. They are NOT vicious killers as they are made out to be and NO animal deserves the treatment those animals received. His so called sentence was a joke. If I had done that I would still be in jail. But then again I am unknown and unwealthy monetarily. Those of us who TRULY love animals should stand up for them and put Michael Vick out of the spotlight. Thank you for providing this site.

    • Scumbag Vick says:

      I completely agree. After the horrible things that he’s done, no one should ever honor Vick or call him a hero. One of the organizers of this event even compared him to Jesus. It’s despicable.

      “People talk about Michael Vick as a convicted felon, well so was Jesus Christ yet he was able to do things above and beyond the naysayers to the point that we all recognize him today as Lord and Savior.” – Michael Muhammad, head of the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association

  3. Scumbag Vick says:

    The latest news in that Vick isn’t even going to this event. Of course as one story says one thing, another says something else… “Despite what Vick’s personal PR handler said, Muhammad claimed Vick confirmed – through La Mondue – that he would attend the March 26 gala. Muhammad called La Mondue a “close personal friend” of the quarterback.” –

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