Michael Vick had a bad year, let’s hope 2012 is even worse

Before the 2011 season started the Philadelphia Eagles were favored to win the division. Not only did this self proclaimed “Dream Team” not accomplish this; they didn’t even make the playoffs. To make things worse for Vick and company, their division rival the New York Giants went on to win the Super Bowl! It was a great year to root against the Eagles.

Let’s recap the 2011 season.

In the second game of the season against his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, Vick was knocked out the game with a concussion! I’m not sure how many concussions he’s had in his life, but hopefully this one did some damage. Unfortunately it wasn’t bad enough to keep him out of the next game against the New York Giants.

In the week 3 game against New York, Vick got drilled by Giants lineman Chris Canty and bruised his hand. This scumbag then complained about the refs after the game. He said they weren’t giving him “15-yard flags like everybody else”. This was discussed in volume the next week by NFL analysts and sports fans alike, and the consensus was that Michael Vick was a big whiner. Vick later apologized to the refs and said that he wouldn’t complain anymore.

In week 5 Vick lead the Eagles to another loss by throwing 4 interceptions against the Buffalo Bills. He followed that with a win over the Redskins, but during that game he kicked a ball for no reason that nearly hit a Redskins cheerleader. Some good news came in week 10 when the Arizona Cardinals broke two of Vick’s ribs, and he missed the next three games.

The rest of the season was rather uneventful . Football was played, and the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs. Vick ended the season throwing 14 interceptions and only 18 touchdowns in 13 games.

Hopefully the 2012 season will be even worse for Vick. He’s a dog killing asshole who never should have been allowed back in the NFL. The worse he plays, he faster this douche bag is out of the spotlight and off of people’s TVs. Let’s hope for a career ending injury this coming season, so we’ll never have to hear about this scumbag again.

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Michael Vick Scumbag website update

So this site got a little derailed. I was going to continue to update this site daily, and really work at promoting it in order to have it rank on the first page of Bing and Google for the search term “Michael Vick” once the NFL football season started. That’s clearly not going to happen now…

Now I’ll just continue to update the site as I have time and as I see fit. After all Vick isn’t going to all of a sudden not be a scumbag anymore. No matter how many touchdowns he throws, his fantasy football stats will not be able to erase the fact that he killed and tortured innocent animals for fun.

Like the rest of the animal lovers out there, we will continue to root against Vick in every capacity. With any lucky he will suffer a career ending injury this preseason, and we’ve never hear from him again. But until that happens, we’ll try to update this site as often as possible.

Thank you for continuing to link to us and visit our site. We are happy to remind people that Michael Vick is still a scumbag!

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Another scumbag company signs Vick, Vick goes against the players union

Michael Vick just signed an endorsement deal with Lutte Licensing Group, which makes Core Synergy’s silicone wristbands. This is Vick’s second endorsement deal since the 2010 NFL season ended. We’re adding the Lutte Licensing Group to our list of scumbag companies and urging people not to buy their products.

Meanwhile, Vick said that he would go against the efforts of the players union and organize workouts during the lockout. As NBC Sports puts it, “Organizing workouts and practices at a time when the teams won’t let players work out and practice hurts the union’s interests.”

Looks like it’s business as usual for Vick. He’s back to just caring about himself, not his teammates or the other players in the NFL.

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Former Vick dog visits abuse survivors, Vick misses more appearances

A former Vick dog named Hector made an appearance at the Kids in Transition residential facility in New Jersey last week to meet with other abuse survivors. Hector was one of Michael Vick’s former dogs who suffered abuse from Vick and his friends for years. Once rescued Hector was placed in a loving home where he was able to recover and eventually become a certified therapy dog. Hector’s story really emulates how great pit bulls are. He still carries scars on his chest from his days with Vick, but that doesn’t stop him from snuggling up to people in need.

Last week, Hector was the role model to a group of young men trying to overcome their past as victims of abuse. As a part of their curriculum, the teens read The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant which tells about abuse and mistreatment that Hector and other dogs underwent at Michael Vick’s dog kennel. Hector’s visit gave the group the “opportunity to talk about the scars of cruelty and the challenges of rehabilitation and recovery”. This visit also gave them the chance to meet a real life success story, one whose story they all knew. As one 14 year-old said after the visit. “It made me hopeful.”

Meanwhile, Vick missed his third “scheduled” event in a month when he failed to appear of ESPN 2’s First Take. For the entire show, hosts Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson keep talking about the upcoming interview with Michael Vick only to say at the end of the show that the Philadelphia Eagles pulled Vick at the last minute.

Spokesman for the Eagles and Vick immediately issued statements that Vick never agreed to be on the show. Later a representative for the Maxwell Football Club (an organization that just named Vick the NFL Player of the Year) said that there was a “communication problem”, and that his organization had agreed to the interview with ESPN.

An ESPN spokesman confirmed this saying, “”The interview was arranged by a representative of the Maxwell Club who told us it was all set. Shortly before the interview was to take place, a Maxwell Club rep informed us that the interview needed to be canceled because they had been told by the Eagles that it couldn’t happen.”

As Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports puts it, “In retrospect, you probably shouldn’t expect too much from a club that willingly chose to give its NFL Player of the Year Award to Michael Vick.” He also makes another good point in that the Eagles (you obviously don’t want Vick doing any interviews) should just tell everyone that Vick will not be doing interviews. It’s understandable the Eagles, who just offered this scumbag $16 million dollars to be their starting quarterback next year, want Vick to keep a low profile and not remind people of his past.

Vick also canceled an appearance on Oprah a few weeks ago, and he missed a charity event for the “What It Takes,” organization last week. Both events were canceled at the time for “personal reasons”. However, just a few days ago, Vick said that his interview with Oprah was canceled because of “certain things that I didn’t want to touch on at the time.” This is no surprise since it was rumored that Oprah was going to ask him some hard questions about his six years of dog fighting and possibly bring on some of the dogs that Vick used to fight. This also shows that when Vick cancels and/or misses appearances for “person reasons” that can really mean anything (like him just deciding not to show up).

A few pictures of Hector below –

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Dwaine Caraway, still a douchebag

Remember the Dallas Interim Mayor Dwaine Caraway? He was the douchebag who gave a fake key to the City of Dallas to Michael Vick. Well today Caraway held his first regular Dallas City Council since the real mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, resigned last week to run for the US Senate, and of course Vick came up.

Not only did Caraway anger the nation when he decided to honor the felon, dog murderer Vick, but he also anger the people of Dallas a few weeks earlier when police were called to his house because of a domestic dispute between him and his wife. When first asked about the incident Caraway explained that police went to his home to intervene in a fight between two men named “Arthur and Archie”. It turns out that’s not what happened, and a few days later he admitted that he was fighting with his wife. Of course he didn’t apologize for lying in the first place and never offered an explanation as to what the fight was about or why the police were called. Is it any wonder why he isn’t running for the Mayor of Dallas at the next election?

There were also obvious negative reactions to Caraway giving Michael Vick a key to the city. Jonnie England, spokeswoman for the Metroplex Animal Coalition, said “It’s shameful. I’m embarrassed that my city has given a key to a convicted felon accused of a violent, horrendous crime.” Even a couple Dallas City Council members (who usually shy away from commenting on the actions of a fellow member) called Caraway’s gesture inappropriate. One of the biggest opponents of Caraway’s actions was local radio host Richard Hunter who was on hand to see Vick receiving the key.

Today Hunter addressed the city council and asked that they follow through on a promise that Mayor Leppert made to tighten the regulations around giving out keys to the city (whether they are official keys or not).

Watch the video here:

The transcript of Hunter’s remarks start now –

I come before the council today to plead with you to please make good on the suggestion by former mayor Tom Leppert of writing stricter guidelines for awarding keys to the city. It has now been almost a month since I watched a convicted felon who has not even fulfilled the terms of his probation, accept what was represented as the city’s highest honor from Dwaine Caraway.

Mr. Caraway, on February 5th, before my very eyes, you publicly proclaimed that a power had been bestowed on you to give Michael Vick what you gleefully identified as the key to the city of Dallas. You more than anyone else in this room should now see the need for more clearly defined guidelines where an official city honor is concerned. Mayor Tom Leppert reacted to this travesty by not only disavowing your actions, but by also calling for stricter guidelines to be written where the keys to the city are concerned. Unfortunately, he then promptly quit, leaving his own suggestion as the unfinished business of his administration.

I have been advised by the city attorney’s office that the support of any five council members can insure that an item is placed on the agenda. Surely there are five of you who are willing to take the position that no convicted felon should be awarded a key to the city of Dallas. To put this grey area in perspective, as it stands now, without that stipulation, Michael Vick, or the next criminal who dazzles a council member with his celebrity, could meet a standard for accepting a key to the city of Dallas, yet be rejected for a license to be employed as legal prostitute by the state of Nevada. I ask today that we at least elevate our standard for a key to the city to that of a license to be employed as a sex worker.

As those of you who chose to attend the morning session of February 9th and stayed seated for my remarks that day already know, I am the proud loving care giver of one of Michael Vick’s surviving victims. Mr. Caraway, on February 5th I witnessed you delivering a slap in the face to my family, a household of your constituents. The rest of the country laughed at our city, but in my house there were only tears. Now a month removed, I have not heard so much as an apology from you. I’m not talking about the “I’m sorry if you don’t think the way that I do” non apology. It’s the “I’m sorry I bestowed a city honor on the man who tortured and tried to kill your dog” apology that I am expecting, and I will be happy to hear that today if you are so willing.

The rest of you didn’t create this mess, but you can sure help Mr. Caraway clean it up by writing stricter guidelines that will prevent something like this from ever happening again. I’m really begging each of you, I don’t want another Dallas citizen to ever be ashamed and humiliated by their own city officials the way I was that day. It is a feeling of shock and pain that no proud Dallas citizen should ever endure. Can I have your pledge today that you will protect the future of Dallas pride? I will be here available at the conclusion of the meeting to speak with any of you who might have a moment of your time to offer, and it would greatly appreciated.

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Lucky kids don’t have Vick as a mentor

It’s should be no surprise that Vick is back in the news today. Some of the headlines read:

Michael Vick is giving the doubters a reason to doubt – Philadelphia Inquirer
Michael Vick fails to show for charity event in Philadelphia – Sporting News
Eagles QB Fighting for Forgiveness Not Doing Himself Any Favors– Bleacher Report

So apparently Vick missed a charity event in Philly yesterday. He was supposed be a part of an event for a group called, “What It Takes,” who provides mentors to kids who are at risk of dropping out of school.

I think this group got off lucky. Who would want Vick as a mentor? He’s a self absorbed scumbag who had the talent to earn millions of dollars, but decided to spend his free time torturing animals. He would rip out the teeth of his female dogs so that they couldn’t defend themselves as they were strapped to the rape stand for breeding. He even threw his family pets into the dog fighting ring and laughed as they would be ripped apart. Those kids should consider themselves lucky.

Conflicting reports have Vick either simply not showing or canceling at the last minute for a personal conflict which required his appearance in Virginia. Either way there were 200 kids asking asking, “Where is Michael Vick?”

The Philly Inquirer goes on to say, “He has canceled two scheduled appearances that we know of this offseason: The Oprah Winfrey Show and now What It Takes. Is it a trend or an unfortunate coincidence? It is impossible to know.”

Impossible to know… just like it’s impossible to know if Vick is really rehabilitated or just playing the part. Now that he is back in some peoples good graces, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vick canceling more and more charity events.

As the site the Ecorazzi puts it, “He’s a man who enjoyed watching dogs rip each other’s throats out while he laughed with his friends. He then went to prison for his illegal activities, got out and snagged a multi-million dollar contract. Not exactly the stuff heroes are made from.” We couldn’t agree more. He shouldn’t be a roll model or a mentor.

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Douchebags to honor dog killer Michael Vick

Michael Vick will be one of the first people honored during the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association’s first Black-Tie Honors Gala next month…

The association says it’s planning to honor Vick because he has “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced in his career, defying the odds and naysayers, and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.” What the hell is wrong with this group?

I guess their idea of a hero is a convicted felon who took part in the execution of dogs. One such dog was forced to fight close to death. After she lost the brutal match Vick and a friend decided to kill her by “wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting her.” This is your hero Southeastern Virginia Arts Association.

Your hero is someone who fought and killed innocent animals. Your hero is someone who knowingly spread genital herpes to his sexual partners. Your hero is someone who has been linked to steroid use and has failed drug tests. Your hero is someone who tries to lie his way out of everything and has even failed a polygraph test.

I’m sorry Southeastern Virginia Arts Association, but you are not doing the right thing by honoring this man. Instead you are putting a parolee on a pedestal for your entire organization to idealize. I truly feel bad for your members.

If anyone is interesting in contacting this group, you can do so at info@sevaa.org or
membership@sevaa.org. They can also be reached by phone at (757) 216-7518 or regular mail here:

Southeastern Virginia Arts Association
P.O. Box 1673
Norfolk, Virginia 23501

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Vick Dogs – Jonny and Audie playing on the bed

Check out this video of two of Vick’s former dogs jumping around and playing on the bed. As you can see these dogs aren’t violent. It’s only when people force these dogs to fight that these dogs can become dangerous. But any dog treated with love will remain happy for life!

These two dogs even blog. You can read about them over at the Vick Dog Blog.

To learn more about these dogs and the others rescued from Michael Vick, you can also pick up a copy of The Lost Dogs, by Jim Gorant. This book has a 5- star rating at Amazon with over 150 reviews.

Another good book related to the Vick and his dogs is Badd Newz: The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case, by Kathy Strouse. This book focuses on the investigators as they work to build a case against Vick and the most infamous dog fighting operation in America.

Below is a picture of Jonny on the cover of Parade magazine. What a cute guy.

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Michael Vick Highlights – Vick and his Water Bottle

In January of 2007, Michael Vick tried to go through security at the Miami International Airport with a water bottle that had a hidden compartment and contained “a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana,” according to the Miami police report. So Vick was trying to smuggle marijuana through security in a water bottle. After all if it smells like weed and looks like weed, it’s probably weed.

Reportedly the bottle had a compartment that was hidden by the label so the bottle looked like it was full of water when held upright. This makes us think that Vick purposely bought this bottle to try to smuggle weed. He did test positive for marijuana less than a year later when he was on bail for dog fighting.

Of course the genius tried to smuggle weed through the Miami Airport. We’ve never seen as many drug dogs in any other airport as we have seen in the Miami Airport.

Vick also hid his weed in a water bottle leading Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to say, “So you hid your weed, which is not allowed on a plane, in another thing that is not allowed on a plane. That’s like hiding your weed in a barrel of a gun or in the mouth of an endangered species.”

Vick was not arrest and never charged with a crime (probably because he was an NFL quarterback). The Falcons general manager Rick McKay said at the time, “We are an organization that prides itself on not having off-the-field issues… We don’t like it. We don’t accept it. It is not what we want.” They must have hated dealing with all of Vick’s problems.

See below for the full clip titled Weekend Update: Michael Vick, Really!?!

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More on Vick’s canceled Oprah appearance

When the news first broke about Michael Vick going on the Oprah Winfrey show, a group of his formerly abused dogs’ new owners contacted the show to ask that Oprah include the dogs’ side of the story. Apparently she was taking them up on this offer, as someone from the show reached out to one of the owners just hours before Vick canceled his interview.

When Vick canceled his appearance there was another rumor that Oprah was being prepped with tough questions by PETA. According to representative from PETA, this was also true.

“Oprah was our Person of the Year in 2009… PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, who met privately with Michael Vick, wrote to Oprah with a concern over her upcoming interview. We wanted to make sure that Oprah does not fall for the trick that Vick tried on PETA—saying that, to him, ‘pet’ dogs were different from the ‘avatars’ used in his fighting pit.”

Although Vick told PETA that he viewed his pets differently, a USDA report on his dog fighting activities revealed that he threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he and his friends laughed.

“Just as convicted pedophiles aren’t allowed free access to children, anyone who is responsible for hanging, electrocuting, or shooting dogs and who ‘got a rush’ out of killing them, as he admitted and his friends confirmed, and who caused them to suffer in other horrific ways, should never again be allowed access to dogs,” Newkirk wrote in the letter.

And what did Oprah said about Vick’s abrupt cancelation? “He said personal reasons. We did a field trip with him. We had been shooting with Michael Vick. And the fact that he pulled out and all his people…We move on.”

I doubt she’ll air anything they prepared. David Arquette will replace Vick as a guest for this show.

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